Essential Tips to Prep for a Photoshoot

Essential Tips to Prep for a Photoshoot

picture of a lady smilingWe book a professional photographer looking for clear, crisp beautiful images to capture a milestone or an event. But, it is not guaranteed that we will always get what we pay for. It can be an expensive affair. To look your best it may involve a new outfit or two, a makeup artist and a hair appointment, over and above the photographer’s fee. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you get your monies worth and some killer shots!


• Choose outfits that you feel comfortable in. Your confidence will show through in the pics. If you wear jeans or shoes that are too tight, it may translate as awkward photos.
• Choose to wear good quality fitted underwear on the day. It will create smooth lines. Make sure that there is no visible panty line.
• Iron your clothes! You want to look put together.
If you are planning outfit changes: Pack each outfit together with the matching accessories in a laundry sleeve or bag. Jewellery can be placed in Ziploc bags together with the matching outfit. Photographers charge hourly rates. You don’t want to spend 20 min changing into outfits or faffing around looking for that instagrammable earring that you bought!

• Take the time to match your accessories to your outfit. Lay it on the bed. See if it works. Take pics of it.
• Basic grooming eg,painting your nails, an eyebrow wax , will help you look ‘’put together’’
• Practice a comfortable smile. Saying ‘’cheese’’ creates a forced smile. Rather say ‘’thursday’’ to create a natural smile.
• Practice some foolproof Hollywood poses.
• Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the shoot. Avoid sugary foods to prevent your skin from looking dull.
• Choose a few props to carry with you on the day to help you look ‘’natural’’ and more like yourself. Eg. Headphones, a book, cellphone, sunglasses, toys for kids, or something that will add to the theme that you are trying to create.

Pack a bag with these goodies and you will be super prepared on the day.
• Water and an energy bar. Between doing your hair and makeup and the actual shoot, you are bound to get hungry. Dehydration doesn’t photograph well.
• Hairclips or hairgrips to quickly change up your hair during outfit changes
• Lens wipes to clean up fingerprints from your sunglasses or cellphone.
• Your favourite music will help you to relax and get the best shots.

Remember to just relax and be yourself.

Hair Classification

Hair Classification

andre walker hair typing systemWe all have a degree of a love/hate relationship with our hair and body. Media and society paints a one sided picture of what beauty looks like. Slim bodies and straight smooth hair.
We walk around thinking that we are unworthy, inferior and not good enough because the hair that grows out of our head is frizzy and curly. The complete opposite of what traditional beauty looks like.

Today I want to talk about hair positivity and my journey of accepting how my hair looks. Once we accept and begin to love ourselves, the path to confidence and happiness opens. The same principle applies to body positivity.
I always assumed that I had straight hair and that it was just unruly. I used to straighten my hair every time I washed it, to get it to conform to traditionally acceptable standards.

Growing up, I saw the beautiful girls on TV and glossy magazines boast straight smooth silky hair. Even on Indian screens, the bollywood stars portrayed the same aesthetics.
So naturally I thought that I HAD to straighten my own hair to conform. It is only recently that I thought to myself that this is ridiculous! I was born this way! How can I be ugly? It took too much time and effort to straighten my hair everyday. I decided to leave it as it is and see what happens. I began to slowly feel comfortable to go out with my wavy coarse hair.


Hairstylist Andre Walker created a classification system that grades your hair type based on its natural curl pattern. After washing your hair, and before drying it straight, look at the shape of your hair. Once you figure out your curl type then you will know where to start with caring and styling your hair.
My hair journey will be ongoing. As I try to figure out which products and styles suit it best – I grow more and more accepting of its texture. On days that I do straighten it, I feel like something is missing. I realise I don’t look like ME.
I am a type 2B curl. What is your curl type?

Easy Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home

Easy Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home

3 tools to remove facial hairWe women don’t like to talk about our facial hair. It’s a lot like farting. We all have it (or do it) but we pretend that we don’t! Any quick check in the rear view mirror in the car and we all get a stark reminder of what we inherited from our granny’s- the dark hairs on our chinny chin chin.

I have personally been for multiple laser hair removal sessions on my face. I feel that because of my hormonal imbalances, they do not work for me. It also makes skin very photosensitive and I already suffer from hyperpigmentation on my jaw.I prefer to trim my peach fuzz at home. Keeping up with bi-weekly salon appointments can get expensive and tiresome. I have included 3 devices that I have tried. I have added pros and cons under each one, to help you decide which device may be suitable for you. They all are user friendly and can be used discreetly in the comfort of your home. These devices may also be used to keep you looking groomed between laser and waxing appointments.



Tweezerman smooth finish facial hair remover (R429 Take a lot). I have also seen it at dischem. It grabs hair via tightly wound coils. It replicates the action of threading.
• Once of cost
• No cuts
• Takes a little while to master the technique. Once you get it right there is no stopping you.



A battery operated trimmer. (R129 Clicks). This device is ideal for using on the go. I keep one in the cubby of my car. It never lets me down in an emergency.
• Easy to use
• No cuts
• Battery operated. Batteries need replacing.
• Not a close shave.



These are well known for removing fine hair on the face, eyebrows, and neck. (Makro or Take a lot for R99 for a pack of 3 razors).
• Closest shave, smoothest skin
• Affordable
• Perfect for shaping eyebrows
• Easy to use
• Cuts. If you think that you may cut yourself then this device is not for you.
• Needs replacing after 2-3 uses. But still affordable.

• Sterilise any instruments before and after using on your face. I use tea tree oil. You may also use any antiseptic solution like savlon.
• Shaving your face is the same as exfoliating it. Don’t use an exfoliating or harsh product for the next few days, including retinol.
• Shaving is harsh. Apply a soothing product after. I apply a thick layer of the body shop Aloe vera gel as a mask.

These are asy ways to remove facial hair at home.3 tools to remove facial hairWhat are your go to method for removing your facial hair? What works for you?


Three Korean Beauty Favorites

Three Korean Beauty Favorites

I have rounded up a few of my favourite Korean Beauty Products.

Kbeauty products are innovative, affordable and effective. It is a misconception that you need to do a full 10 step skincare routine in order to benefit from Korean skincare. Read my post

These are my best loved kbeauty products that I absolutely cannot do without. They may not be the latest or greatest on offer, but I adore them because they are effective. They never let me down.

1) Clean it zero cleansing balm

clean it zero cleansing balm

This is perfect to use as your first step in double cleansing. It melts makeup effortlessly. It doesn’t leave my skin dry and tight. It feels luxurious to use. It is less messy than using a cleansing oil. I follow up with a gel cleanser. I love that it comes in a large tub therefore it is value for money.

2) Dear Klairs” Supple Preparation Facial Toner

This contains various plant extracts to soothe and hydrate the skin. It also balances the skin’s pH level. It feels slightly thicker than water and absorbs easily. It preps your skin for the rest of your routine. It doesn’t leave your skin dry. This toner is highly raved, for good reason. I absolutely love this product. I decant it into a small spray bottle. I then spray some onto a cotton pad and then wipe it across my face.

3) Cosryx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

cosrx aloe soothing spf50

I find myself reaching for this sunblock everyday during winter or to soothe my dry post retinol skin. It is lightweight without being sticky or heavy. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft and comfortable. It wears beautifully under makeup. It is also friendly on the pocket.

These products are my most beloved Korean Beauty Products.

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