andre walker hair typing systemWe all have a degree of a love/hate relationship with our hair and body. Media and society paints a one sided picture of what beauty looks like. Slim bodies and straight smooth hair.
We walk around thinking that we are unworthy, inferior and not good enough because the hair that grows out of our head is frizzy and curly. The complete opposite of what traditional beauty looks like.

Today I want to talk about hair positivity and my journey of accepting how my hair looks. Once we accept and begin to love ourselves, the path to confidence and happiness opens. The same principle applies to body positivity.
I always assumed that I had straight hair and that it was just unruly. I used to straighten my hair every time I washed it, to get it to conform to traditionally acceptable standards.

Growing up, I saw the beautiful girls on TV and glossy magazines boast straight smooth silky hair. Even on Indian screens, the bollywood stars portrayed the same aesthetics.
So naturally I thought that I HAD to straighten my own hair to conform. It is only recently that I thought to myself that this is ridiculous! I was born this way! How can I be ugly? It took too much time and effort to straighten my hair everyday. I decided to leave it as it is and see what happens. I began to slowly feel comfortable to go out with my wavy coarse hair.


Hairstylist Andre Walker created a classification system that grades your hair type based on its natural curl pattern. After washing your hair, and before drying it straight, look at the shape of your hair. Once you figure out your curl type then you will know where to start with caring and styling your hair.
My hair journey will be ongoing. As I try to figure out which products and styles suit it best – I grow more and more accepting of its texture. On days that I do straighten it, I feel like something is missing. I realise I don’t look like ME.
I am a type 2B curl. What is your curl type?

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