picture of a lady smilingWe book a professional photographer looking for clear, crisp beautiful images to capture a milestone or an event. But, it is not guaranteed that we will always get what we pay for. It can be an expensive affair. To look your best it may involve a new outfit or two, a makeup artist and a hair appointment, over and above the photographer’s fee. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you get your monies worth and some killer shots!


• Choose outfits that you feel comfortable in. Your confidence will show through in the pics. If you wear jeans or shoes that are too tight, it may translate as awkward photos.
• Choose to wear good quality fitted underwear on the day. It will create smooth lines. Make sure that there is no visible panty line.
• Iron your clothes! You want to look put together.
If you are planning outfit changes: Pack each outfit together with the matching accessories in a laundry sleeve or bag. Jewellery can be placed in Ziploc bags together with the matching outfit. Photographers charge hourly rates. You don’t want to spend 20 min changing into outfits or faffing around looking for that instagrammable earring that you bought!

• Take the time to match your accessories to your outfit. Lay it on the bed. See if it works. Take pics of it.
• Basic grooming eg,painting your nails, an eyebrow wax , will help you look ‘’put together’’
• Practice a comfortable smile. Saying ‘’cheese’’ creates a forced smile. Rather say ‘’thursday’’ to create a natural smile.
• Practice some foolproof Hollywood poses.
• Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the shoot. Avoid sugary foods to prevent your skin from looking dull.
• Choose a few props to carry with you on the day to help you look ‘’natural’’ and more like yourself. Eg. Headphones, a book, cellphone, sunglasses, toys for kids, or something that will add to the theme that you are trying to create.

Pack a bag with these goodies and you will be super prepared on the day.
• Water and an energy bar. Between doing your hair and makeup and the actual shoot, you are bound to get hungry. Dehydration doesn’t photograph well.
• Hairclips or hairgrips to quickly change up your hair during outfit changes
• Lens wipes to clean up fingerprints from your sunglasses or cellphone.
• Your favourite music will help you to relax and get the best shots.

Remember to just relax and be yourself.

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