Battle of the concealers

Battle of the concealers

estee lauder concealer vs maybelline fit me concealer

Concealer is the one makeup item that I cannot live without! It is the most important product in my makeup arsenal. It hides under eye circles, covers blemishes and acts as a base for eyeshadow.

Today I am comparing two concealers to see which one I prefer and why.

Estee lauder double wear stay –in- place Flawless wear concealer
• The shade 4W Medium Deep is a good shade match
• It is very expensive (R445)
• Provides good coverage
• I find the consistency too thick. It settles into my fine lines by midday

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
• The shade 40 is a good shade match
• It is very affordable (R110)
• Provides good coverage
• Great consistency, doesn’t settle into lines

So, the Maybelline Fit Me concealer wins hands down! Price is a big factor when choosing a product. The regular price is R110. Around payday/monthend, Clicks and Dischem have 20% off. So, you can score this concealer for R80.

This product is great for everyday use and good enough to use on special occasions.

Which is your favourite concealer? Have you tried either of these two products? What are your thoughts?

ESSE Foundation – Product Review

Esse is a well-known South African skincare brand. They are widely popular for organic skincare products that feature probiotics.
Usually probiotics are associated with a healthy gut. But optimal skincare also relies on a healthy microbiome.
A Microbiome refers to the ecosystem of microorganisms that live in a particular part of the body: gut, skin or mucosal membranes. It is made up of good bacteria (probiotic) and bad bacteria. Topical probiotics support a healthy skin environment and promotes a healthy skin barrier.

The Esse foundation contains beneficial probiotics, and contains spf 30 for added sun protection.
It is very difficult to find a brown girl friendly foundation. Finding an exact colour match is always a problem for me. This foundation has spf 30 so, naturally I was afraid of it casting a white cast on my face.


My thoughts

It offers a medium coverage that is buildable. I need to add concealer on spots and on my under eyes. It offers a dewy finish. It lasts the whole day. It provides a beautiful even skin tone. My skin looks healthy and illuminated. No need to apply highlighter! It is perfect for if you are new to makeup, if you like a natural glow and you don’t like a ‘’cake’’ face.

The best part for me is that it feels so comfortable on my skin. It’s not that type of foundation- that as soon as you walk through the door at home- you feel that you need to immediately wash your face. It is perfect for those hot and humid Durban summer days.

I am conscious of my pigmentation, so I prefer to wear full coverage foundation to work. I enjoy using the Esse foundation on weekends. The more often I am using it, the more I am falling in love with it.

It is available in 10 shades. I am using shade 6. It is a good match for me. I am very happy with the colour. It is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free. Esse supports fair trade and is a carbon neutral company. The best part is that it is local! So, what is stopping you from trying this foundation. You will never look back.


Financial Wellbeing: How to be happy with your money no matter how much you earn

Financial Wellbeing: How to be happy with your money no matter how much you earn

one rand coinIt is easy to have a ‘’head in the sand’’ approach, but it is actually crucial that you are AWARE of what is going on in your bank account.

What is financial wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is the process of learning how to successfully manage your finances. It is about having control of your money on a day to day basis.
Money plays a vital role in our lives. Not having enough money can affect our health and happiness. Financial wellbeing is about having a sense of security, a sense of having enough money to meet your needs. It is also about having a sense of financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy your life.
As the common saying goes: ‘’we like to impress people who we don’t know, with money that we don’t have’’. The reality is that if we LIVE FAKE RICH now, we will RETIRE REAL POOR later.

Gratitude and Capitilism
Teach your kids that money doesn’t define you or make you happy. You will realise that you don’t need much to be happy. Very little is needed to make a happy life. That’s why they say that the best things in life are free. All the new clothes and makeup will never make you feel good if you are not happy with who you are. Focus on BLESSINGS, not THINGS.

Everywhere we look we are bombarded with the idea that we need to be richer, thinner, smarter, better looking, more successful, healthier, better parents/partners.


Minimalism is not about owning LESS than you need. It is about owning EXACTLY what you need. If we are grateful for what we have, then we can’t be constantly sold products or services that cater to our INSECURITIES and our notions of keeping up with the Jone’s.

Financial planning

Financial planning is about balancing your needs and wants forTODAY with your needs and wants for TOMORROW.

If all this is too much for you, start with at least being AWARE of where your money is being spent.

Self assured spenders are spenders who spend with INTENTION.

The key to financial balance is to both SAVE and SPEND with INTENTON.

Intentional spending is when you realise or determine what makes YOU happy, and then plan your finances so that you can afford that as much as possible.



Be aware
The first step is to be aware of where your money is going.
Go through your monthly bank statements. Use them to draw up a monthly budget. List all your expenses. Include an allowance for entertainment. If you pay for all your expenses by debit card, it will be easier to keep track of even small payments which all add up. If however you choose to draw cash weekly to spend on groceries and what not: you will need to keep all your till slips, this may become tedious, and you won’t get a true reflection this way.
Add up your yearly ‘’once off ’expenses like SARS payments, vehicle license, Tv license etc, and divide it by 12, to get an amount to allocate monthly. Every month transfer this amount to a savings account.

Spoiling yourself
It is important to celebrate wins. If you are able to save money, allocate an amount for a treat.
Eg, I love to have my hair done at a professional salon. So instead of saying that I can’t afford it, I ask myself HOW will I be able to afford it? I keep some money aside every month and then I use it only when the salon has specials. My salon has 30% off colour on Sundays and R500 off on a Wednesday. I stick to these days only. It really helps to save a lot of money and it doesn’t add to the guilt factor.
If you like your morning lattes: instead of no lattes, change your coffee shop to a cheaper one or one with a rewards programme.

Social Media
What does social media have to do with saving? Our subconscious mind is strongly related to our spending habits. Unfollow if you must – accounts that encourage you to buy new clothes, makeup, skincare all the time.
Follow accounts that encourage saving. #debtfreecommunity. It is encouraging to see others with a similar mindset. It will become normal to save rather than spend.

Other tips
• Find activities to do on the weekends that don’t involve spending a lot of money. Instead of going to the movies, plan picnics at the park, play boardgames, watch Netflix.
• Sacrifice spending on frivolous items like updating your wardrobe according to trends. Rather invest in yourself. Learn a new skill, enrich your knowledge.
• Keep your car tyres filled
• Meal plan on weekends. Draw up a menu for the upcoming week. Then go your grocery list. You will be surprised how few groceries you will need to buy.
• Don’t be tempted with 3/2 sales. It’s a gimmick to get you to buy more than you actually need. Stock piling is good only for very fast moving items. Otherwise it is money sitting on your shelf.
• Online shops like superbalist and zando have voucher codes regularly to buy items at reduced prices. if you like something and you are patient, you can score it at 40% off on suberbalist and 20% off at zando. It may get sold out though. If you are scared to buy with your credit card, they do have an option to pay via eft.
• Try a Need-Only_Diet – over 7 days try to buy only absolute necessities and pass up things like gum and caffe lattes.
• Visit your local library. New books can be expensive. Libraries also have new dvds and magazines that you can borrow for free.

With the right mindset, budgets and changing your spending habits it is possible to save money.
Remember slow and steady wins the race. No matter your circumstances find something small to start today. Even if you now just become aware of where your money is going.
Your income does not define you. Wealth or being rich means different things to different people. Remember to count your blessings that money cant buy for those are your real riches. Gratitude is the best attitude.

Please share your own money saving tips in the comments section below. I would love to hear what works for you.

Makeup Primer

Makeup Primer

3 catrice primersWe all want our makeup to look flawless and last the whole day. Priming your skin before application is a crucial step in your routine.

Before you paint your walls you first prepare the surface with primer and filler. Similarly when applying makeup we apply primer to fill the lines and pores to create a smooth, flawless makeup. Also, the paint needs something to stick to, and if you prime the walls first, you won’t need so many coats of paint. Priming your face before applying foundation, will help you use less foundation.

It should be noted that priming is an ACTION and you can use any product (serum, oil, and moisturiser) to primer. It need not necessarily be labelled ‘’primer’’.

WHAT is a primer: It is a base for all your makeup.
WHY use a primer: It helps to achieve a smoother, flawless makeup. Helps makeup last longer. Helps you use less foundation.
WHEN to use primer: After SPF, the last step of your skincare.
HOW to use a primer: Fingertips are best
WHERE to use primer: Where you feel you need it. Feel free to play around with it.
WHICH primer: The options are endless and depend on what type of finish you are looking for.

catrice prime keep matte

I use a mattifying Primer on my forehead to keep away the shine as that area tends to get oily.


I use a silicone based primer to blur/smooth out pores. I use this on areas where my pores are more visible, on either side of my nose.

catrice primer hydrate

A colour correcting primer may be used to even out skin tone. A hydrating primer may be used on dry areas, eg cheeks. An illuminating primer may be used to add an inner glow.


The Catrice cosmetics primers are great for everyday use. They cost about R100 each. You definetly dont need to own more than one primer at a time. I included a variety of options in this post for illustrative purposes. I did not purchase the new Ten!sational 10 in 1 dream primer as yet. My first impressions after swatching it instore is that it is really good! It also adds a beautiful glow. I actually prefer a matt look. But, I will definetly test this product out, because the effect is beautiful.

My absolute FAVOURITE primer of all time is the MAC Prep + Prime Nautal Radiance Primer in Radiant yellow which is perfect for brown skin. I love the effect that it gives to my skin, as the name says, natural radiance. It definetly improves the look and wear of my makeup. The only factor that influences me is the price . Therefore I reserve wearing it for special occassons. If I could afford to, I would wear it every single day!

BB cream, CC cream, or tinted moisturiser may be used on its own or as a primer, depending on the coverage that you are looking for.

Some may see priming as an unnecessary step. Personally, I notice difference in the look of my makeup when I use a primer.

ps. I purchased all the products mentioned here with my own money.



epilfree hair removal on handsAs much as I advocate embracing your natural beauty #bornthisway I struggle to embrace every part of me as it is. You have to choose your battles. I embrace the natural texture of my hair and very rarely straighten it. But I find it difficult to embrace my body hair.
I am a very hairy person. My hairy arms make me feel less confident. So, therefore I choose to remove the hair on my arms.

Conventional Hair Removal

I don’t know about you, but I find hair removal tedious. It is expensive. It is time wasting, labourios and the results does not last long. I can never keep up with my waxing appointments. I would not shave at all if I could get away with it. Especially my legs during winter. I usually get a shaving rash and ingrown hairs. Not fun. But that is a story for another day.
Laser hair removal is expensive and it makes your skin UV and photosensitive. One has to cautious about sun protection. As a brown skinned girl, I am prone to brown spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. My arms are exposed to the sun as I drive. I enjoy being outside. For these reasons laser hair removal is not suitable for me. I was looking for a semi permanent hair removal system for convenience. (nothing can be permanent).

Why Epilfree

epilfree in salon kit

How about an alternative that is the best of both worlds. A post wax cream/system that reduces hair regrowth between waxing. Amazing.
It works for all skin types and every hair color including grey.

My experience


I was invited to attend the Epilfree promotion day at The offer was buy one post wax treatment and receive one free. It was a great opportunity to try it out. The staff were well trained and professional. Epilfree is also available at selected salons. Treatments are done post waxing after 4-6 weeks. It can also be done after threading.



After 10 days, I noticed that the regrowth was sparse as compared to previous waxing sessions. There were fewer hairs which were also lighter in color and thickness. If in a 1×1 cm there were 10 hairs previously, now there were 3. This was after only one session.
After my second treatment the hair grew finer, softer, not as coarse. We had to look for the hairs as we were waxing.

My verdict

Epilfree meets my needs because it reduced the thickness and amount of hair that grew back on my arms. There are still hairs on my arms but to me it is less unsightly. I feel comfortable to leave it as it is after 3 sessions. For me that is definetly worth it. If you would like to see how i remove my facial hair , read this Easy Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home


This type of hair removal is expensive. I do not advocate it for everyone. If you are looking to save time and money in the long run then it may suit you. If laser hair removal is not an option (for whatever reason), then consider Epilfree.
I paid for these treatments with my own money.

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