epilfree hair removal on handsAs much as I advocate embracing your natural beauty #bornthisway I struggle to embrace every part of me as it is. You have to choose your battles. I embrace the natural texture of my hair and very rarely straighten it. But I find it difficult to embrace my body hair.
I am a very hairy person. My hairy arms make me feel less confident. So, therefore I choose to remove the hair on my arms.

Conventional Hair Removal

I don’t know about you, but I find hair removal tedious. It is expensive. It is time wasting, labourios and the results does not last long. I can never keep up with my waxing appointments. I would not shave at all if I could get away with it. Especially my legs during winter. I usually get a shaving rash and ingrown hairs. Not fun. But that is a story for another day.
Laser hair removal is expensive and it makes your skin UV and photosensitive. One has to cautious about sun protection. As a brown skinned girl, I am prone to brown spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. My arms are exposed to the sun as I drive. I enjoy being outside. For these reasons laser hair removal is not suitable for me. I was looking for a semi permanent hair removal system for convenience. (nothing can be permanent).

Why Epilfree

epilfree in salon kit

How about an alternative that is the best of both worlds. A post wax cream/system that reduces hair regrowth between waxing. Amazing.
It works for all skin types and every hair color including grey.

My experience


I was invited to attend the Epilfree promotion day at https://www.secretsbeautyspa.mobi/a The offer was buy one post wax treatment and receive one free. It was a great opportunity to try it out. The staff were well trained and professional. Epilfree is also available at selected https://www.sorbet.co.za/epilfree-now-at-sorbet/ salons. Treatments are done post waxing after 4-6 weeks. It can also be done after threading.



After 10 days, I noticed that the regrowth was sparse as compared to previous waxing sessions. There were fewer hairs which were also lighter in color and thickness. If in a 1×1 cm there were 10 hairs previously, now there were 3. This was after only one session.
After my second treatment the hair grew finer, softer, not as coarse. We had to look for the hairs as we were waxing.

My verdict

Epilfree meets my needs because it reduced the thickness and amount of hair that grew back on my arms. There are still hairs on my arms but to me it is less unsightly. I feel comfortable to leave it as it is after 3 sessions. For me that is definetly worth it. If you would like to see how i remove my facial hair , read this Easy Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home


This type of hair removal is expensive. I do not advocate it for everyone. If you are looking to save time and money in the long run then it may suit you. If laser hair removal is not an option (for whatever reason), then consider Epilfree.
I paid for these treatments with my own money.

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