3 catrice primersWe all want our makeup to look flawless and last the whole day. Priming your skin before application is a crucial step in your routine.

Before you paint your walls you first prepare the surface with primer and filler. Similarly when applying makeup we apply primer to fill the lines and pores to create a smooth, flawless makeup. Also, the paint needs something to stick to, and if you prime the walls first, you won’t need so many coats of paint. Priming your face before applying foundation, will help you use less foundation.

It should be noted that priming is an ACTION and you can use any product (serum, oil, and moisturiser) to primer. It need not necessarily be labelled ‘’primer’’.

WHAT is a primer: It is a base for all your makeup.
WHY use a primer: It helps to achieve a smoother, flawless makeup. Helps makeup last longer. Helps you use less foundation.
WHEN to use primer: After SPF, the last step of your skincare.
HOW to use a primer: Fingertips are best
WHERE to use primer: Where you feel you need it. Feel free to play around with it.
WHICH primer: The options are endless and depend on what type of finish you are looking for.

catrice prime keep matte

I use a mattifying Primer on my forehead to keep away the shine as that area tends to get oily.


I use a silicone based primer to blur/smooth out pores. I use this on areas where my pores are more visible, on either side of my nose.

catrice primer hydrate

A colour correcting primer may be used to even out skin tone. A hydrating primer may be used on dry areas, eg cheeks. An illuminating primer may be used to add an inner glow.


The Catrice cosmetics primers are great for everyday use. They cost about R100 each. You definetly dont need to own more than one primer at a time. I included a variety of options in this post for illustrative purposes. I did not purchase the new Ten!sational 10 in 1 dream primer as yet. My first impressions after swatching it instore is that it is really good! It also adds a beautiful glow. I actually prefer a matt look. But, I will definetly test this product out, because the effect is beautiful.

My absolute FAVOURITE primer of all time is the MAC Prep + Prime Nautal Radiance Primer in Radiant yellow which is perfect for brown skin. I love the effect that it gives to my skin, as the name says, natural radiance. It definetly improves the look and wear of my makeup. The only factor that influences me is the price . Therefore I reserve wearing it for special occassons. If I could afford to, I would wear it every single day!

BB cream, CC cream, or tinted moisturiser may be used on its own or as a primer, depending on the coverage that you are looking for.

Some may see priming as an unnecessary step. Personally, I notice difference in the look of my makeup when I use a primer.

ps. I purchased all the products mentioned here with my own money.

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