Like most girls, I find washing my hair by myself a CHORE. The actual time in the shower is not too bad. Drying my hair is tedious and I have virtually no time to style my hair! Finding a way to extend the period between washes will be ideal.Read on to see how I achieve this.

You wash your hair more often- to keep it clean- it gets greasy quicker- it’s a CYCLE OF PUNISHMENT! Once you wash your hair- you strip it from its naturals oils- the scalps normals response is to produce more oil- so it gets greasy again. The more often you wash – the quicker it will get greasier. This is to compensate for the stripping effect that your shampoo has on your scalp.
There is a trick.

This is definetly the most EFFECTIVE tip of them all.. If you stretch the time in between washes, you train your hair to be less greasy.
The first few weeks will be hard – your scalp will adjust. It will be greasy. But, I promise you, you will be thanking me later.
Try what you can- prolong it by one or two days initially. The following week you will see that your hair is not that dirty as quick as it used to be.

2. Over washing leads to a cycle that creates more oil. To make it worse you end up using heavy conditioners – near your scalp , can cause irritation and inflammation – causing more oil to be produced.

3. If you wash your hair more often, you are also using heat more often (hairdryer, straightener). Heat causes damage which is not good long term.

4. Choose a good sulphate free shampoo to use on your roots working it down, and a hydrating conditioner concentrating on your ends working it up. Don’t use silicones on you hair because they require harsh shampoos to be removed.

5. Use dry shampoo early on, when your hair is clean so that it soaks up the oil as it comes up. Using it overnight is very helpful.

6. Wash your hair with warm water. A misconception is that you need to wash oily hair with hot water. This will dry your scalp and cause it to produce more oil.

7. Don’t use silicones (even on the ends of your hair as they do travel up) because they require harsh shampoos to remove them. This will start the cycle of punishment, see above.

8. Avoid touching your hair unnecessarily. Running your fingers through your hair produces more oil.

9. If your hair looks greasy, wear your hair up , in a braid. Headbands, doeks and fancy clips are also a trendy way to hide dirty hair.

Note that hair oil is not the enemy. It moistens hair and keeps it healthy. The amount of oil that your scalp produces depends on diet, stress, genes and other factors.

Do you find washing your hair a chore? what are your tips to make this essential task easier?

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