w7 socialite eyeshadow paletteI never thought that I would be writing about makeup! Skincare yes, I am confident about my knowledge about skincare. But I am only now discovering the wonderful world of makeup. I was always and still am intimidated by EYESHADOW. So, to say that I am smitten about an eyeshadow palette (with my level of skill set) is BIG NEWS. I am infatuated with this eyeshadow palette.
I always do a lot of homework before I purchase any beauty product. A lot of thought goes into it before I part with my hard earned cash. Remember that expensive is not always better, and this is why I love doing what I do. To share these amazing finds so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the vast choices out there.

I was lusting after The New Nude Beauty Palette by HUDA BEAUTY since it launched. The price is way out of my budget. I could never justify spending that much on eyeshadow. Especially as a beginner in applying eyeshadow, i wasn’t sure how much of use i would get from it. I also think that it needs to be said that it is ok if you can’t afford International ‘’expensive’’ brands. There is no shame in that. And, if you can, thats awesome!


Intoducing W7 cosmetics

w7cosmetics is a UK makeup brand. It was coined after a postal code W7 in West London. They offer affordable products with good quality. They are also cruelty free. The color range of their SOCIALITE palette is extremely close to the Huda one mentioned above.
Just like the huda palette the W7 palette is packaged in a laminated cardboard box with a mirror and an eyeshadow brush. The brush works surprisingly well. The color selction is a range of browns, pinks, berries and glitters. It is extremely versatile.


My verdict

As you can see, like a naughty child, I couldn’t wait to take the picture first before using it. The shadows are soft and buttery. You need to use a light hand to prevent kickback in the pan. They blend easily. I apply the glitter shades with my fingers. They add another dimension and takes your look up a few notches. Pictures do not do justice to how pretty they are. Even with my low level of skill set I enjoyed every single look that I created.
Here is the best part. I paid R249 (normal price). I bought it from SUPERBALIST You can get it cheaper with a discount code.

I look forward to using this palette to create many looks for the upcoming festive season. I will be the ”socialite” of the season.

What is the best eyeshadow palette that you have ever bought?
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