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Its summer! Time for the outdoors, sun and sea. Hot days can leave you feeling sweaty. We all want to prevent body odour and detoxification. Our first form of defence is an anti-antiperspirant roll on. Good idea or bad idea? Good to prevent you from being smelly but its actually VERY BAD for your HEALTH.

As the name says, anti-antiperspirantsstop you or prevent you from perspiring. Sweating is the body’s mechanism to cope with heat. It helps to regulate body temperature by moistening the surface of the body and it cools you down as it evaporates.

Why are ANTIPERSPIRANTS bad for you?

Most commercial deos use aluminium to control sweat and odor. The problem here is that ALUMINUM BLOCKS THE SWEAT DUCTS so that you don’t sweat as much. There is no clear link between using aluminium and alzheimers or cancer. I would not worry too much about that.

Sweating is a normal body function and essential to cool down the body and more importantly RID THE BODY OF TOXINS. You need to be aware of the sources of toxins (plastic bottles) and you need a process to eliminate them. Scientists and doctors will say that you remove toxins through your kidney and liver. Why then do health spas and gyms have sauna rooms? It’s a balance of toxin-toxout.
Natural deos contain mineral salts that don’t stop you from sweating. They control odor. They work by forming a temporary layer on the skin . this layer prevents the growth of bacteria that make you smell.

Favourite Product

pure beginnings Monsoon eco roll on has ylang ylang. It keeps me fresh all day. The smell is fresh and is unisex. i bought it for R59 from dischem. The application was smooth and easy. The ingredient list is very impressive. They also have a fragrance free option if you are sensitive to smells. It is sustainably sourced and proudly South African. It is organic and free from animal products.


Some say that sweat is 99% water. Some say that you do sweat out toxins. It’s a very HEATED debate.
You may want to choose your personal care products carefully. Remember a long time ago, smoking cigarettes used to be considered safe or ok. Now we know better.

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