Product Review: 8 Reasons to Love Nirvana Rose Water Facial Mist

Product Review: 8 Reasons to Love Nirvana Rose Water Facial Mist

How was your valentine’s? Nirvana Natural Bliss Rose water Face mist Hubby and I celebrated in our usual way. We had a candlelit picnic in our backyard. It was lovely.


Roses are usually associated with love or the goddess of love Venus. Roses are a symbol of love. They are used in perfumery. Cleopatra used rose petals in her famous milk baths. Roses are used in ancient cultures and religious ceremonies. Rose flowers and rosewater are used. Rosewater is also used in traditional Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun.

Rose water is made from well rose petals and water. This simple decoction has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Therefore it can be used to calm irritated skin. It also hydrates, heals and maintains the skin’s pH balance.

A rose water facial mist is not an essential part of your skincare routine. If you are on a budget I would rather  spend cash on a serum or spf. But it does add a flair of luxury and comfort to mine.


I was absolutely excited to try this facial mist that was gifted to me.

The packaging is high end. I love the glass bottle. It can be easily reused or recycled. No plastic!

I use it after toning and before applying my serum.

The spray nozzle ensures a fine mist is sprayed out every time. My face does not feel too wet.

I also use it as a setting spray after applying my makeup.

I really enjoy using it as a diluent in my D.I.Y. face masks instead of using tap water.

It keeps my face hydrated and fresh.

Pro tip – Keep it in the fridge to take your experience to the next level.

Rose Water face mist nirvana natural bliss


  1. Vegan.
  2. It is as close to natural as possible.
  3. Locally made in South Africa.
  4. It has multiple uses – toner, mist, setting spray, to mix face masks
  5. Cruelty free – no animal testing.
  6. Suitable for ALL skin types.
  7. Packaged in a glass bottle that I can easily reuse.
  8. Affordable and good quality.

The 50ml bottle is available for R169  online on Nirvana Natural Bliss and 

Do you like using facial mists or sprays?  Which are your favourites?


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Let’s talk about SWEAT baby!



We are in the middle of one of the hottest summers. If you live in Durban like me, the heat is almost unbearable. Add the humidity factor and you need a plan to cool down. There is no better way to cool down than a swim in the pool or in of one Durban’s pristine beaches.

Swimming can take its toll on your hair though. Pool chlorine and salty sea water is harsh on your hair. So in order to keep your hair game strong – you need to minimise the damage on your hair from other areas eg. Heat.


I have gathered some tips to help keep your hair healthy and strong this summer when swimming.

1.Before entering the pool / sea – wet your hair and apply a layer of conditioner or oil to your hair, not scalp – this will coat your hair and provide a protective layer to minimise the effects of chlorine / salt on your hair. This prevents it from absorbing chlorine.

  1. Use cool / warm water in the shower when washing your hair. This will be good for your skin and hair

3.Use hydrating treatments and conditioners. Chlorine dries your hair out.

4.Use a smoothing serum/gel to help with frizz rather than straightening your hair with a flat iron.

Aunt Jackies curl la la defining curl custrard

5.I have wavy,curly hair TYPE 2B – click here to find out what your hair type is. I love using AUNT JACKIES CURL LA LA DEFINING CURL CUSTARD  to remove frizz and it keeps my hair looking great. It enhances the curl pattern of my natural hair.

6.Try to air dry your hair. If you have to use a hair dryer use a heat protectant spray to minimise damage.

  1. I don’t straighten my hair. I highly suggest you try it at least once. If you do this it will make a great difference to the health of your hair. It will also save you time. If you reserve straightening your hair for special occasions it will be such a treat to look different and polished. Try to embrace the natural texture of your hair even if its only for a day or two. If it becomes to much for you, you can always straighten it at any time. Braids are trending at the moment. Experiment and try different hairstyles instead of just wearing it straight. Braids, high buns and ponys hide frizzy hair well.

  2. Embracing the natural texture of your hair takes time. Play around with different products and experiment with how much of product to add. You wont regret this transition. It is empowering to let go of the notions that society dictates – that only straight hair is beautiful. Wear your natural hair with pride.

Shea Moisture strengthenand restore masque

  1. Use weekly hair treatments at home. I am currently enjoying using SHEA MOISTURE STRENGTHEN AND RESTORE JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL TREATMENT MASQUE. From the name I expected the texture of the product to be horrible. I was actually pleasantly surprised. It is a soft mousse that you apply on towel dried hair. It leaves my hair feeling extra soft and shiny. It needs to stay in your hair for at least 30 mins before rinsing. This is the only snag for me. It is however doable on the weekends.

Life is too short to be sitting in the shade and watching others having fun. Swim, wet your hair and wash it afterwards. It will be worth it. Your kids will thank you. You don’t want them to have memories of their mum always sitting in the shade and watching. You want them to remember the fun, joy and coolest moments in the water.

Make the most of the remaining summer days. The above hair care tips are easy to apply to ensure that your hair looks healthy. With a little TLC you can keep your natural hair looking great this summer.

Share any summer hair care tips that you may have with me in the comments below. Do you spend a lot of time swimming? how do you keep your natural hair healthy?  I would love to hear them and try them also.


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The Body Shop – Black Musk Eau De Parfum – Amazing or not?

The Body Shop – Black Musk Eau De Parfum – Amazing or not?

They say that a scent takes you right back to a memory of a special day or person.

This year I restarted my yoga practice. On that first day – after that first class – after a cooling shower – I sprayed this scent for the first time.

I wanted to capture that winning – I’m doing the best for my body feeling – and that after yoga high!

But most of all I wanted to capture the affirmation that was repeated throughout the class: I LOVE MY BODY AND I TRUST ITS WISDOM.


Perfume is a luxury item. Often it is expensive. Often it’s something that you don’t or want to buy for yourself. Usually it is gifted to you. Its always a treat when you are able to buy a good quality perfume at an affordable price.

The Body Shop black Musk Eau De Parfum is made up of bergamot, bambinella pear, pink pepper and black musk of course,

Did you know that musk originates from the smell of a deer. Originally when the deer died, a gland of the deer was removed and dried to be used to make perfumes. Thankfully most perfumes now are plant or chemically derived.

Musk is known to be sensual and deep. The white musk version is iconic and was created in 1981. The black musk was launched in 2015.

My ThoughtsBlack Musk Perfume

This perfume is not a new or highly raved product. It’s just something that I had on my wish list for a very long time. I bought it on sale recently.

  • The fragrance lasts long.
  • I love that its cruelty free and 100% vegetarian.
  • I love that its affordable especially with promotions and sales.
  • i love the deep fierce scent.

Black Musk is also available as a deodorant, fragrance mist, perfume oil, body lotion, body washshower gel and Eau De Toilette. This is great for layering the fragrance which makes the scent last longer. i chose to buy the Eau De Parfum because its the strongest and will last longer than the other variants. 50ml R335.

Have you tried any perfumes from The Body Shop? Have you tried the Black Musk Eau De Parfum? What are your thoughts about it?

PS. Did you read my post on natural deodorant and why regular roll on is bad for you?

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