They say that a scent takes you right back to a memory of a special day or person.

This year I restarted my yoga practice. On that first day – after that first class – after a cooling shower – I sprayed this scent for the first time.

I wanted to capture that winning – I’m doing the best for my body feeling – and that after yoga high!

But most of all I wanted to capture the affirmation that was repeated throughout the class: I LOVE MY BODY AND I TRUST ITS WISDOM.


Perfume is a luxury item. Often it is expensive. Often it’s something that you don’t or want to buy for yourself. Usually it is gifted to you. Its always a treat when you are able to buy a good quality perfume at an affordable price.

The Body Shop black Musk Eau De Parfum is made up of bergamot, bambinella pear, pink pepper and black musk of course,

Did you know that musk originates from the smell of a deer. Originally when the deer died, a gland of the deer was removed and dried to be used to make perfumes. Thankfully most perfumes now are plant or chemically derived.

Musk is known to be sensual and deep. The white musk version is iconic and was created in 1981. The black musk was launched in 2015.

My ThoughtsBlack Musk Perfume

This perfume is not a new or highly raved product. It’s just something that I had on my wish list for a very long time. I bought it on sale recently.

  • The fragrance lasts long.
  • I love that its cruelty free and 100% vegetarian.
  • I love that its affordable especially with promotions and sales.
  • i love the deep fierce scent.

Black Musk is also available as a deodorant, fragrance mist, perfume oil, body lotion, body washshower gel and Eau De Toilette. This is great for layering the fragrance which makes the scent last longer. i chose to buy the Eau De Parfum because its the strongest and will last longer than the other variants. 50ml R335.

Have you tried any perfumes from The Body Shop? Have you tried the Black Musk Eau De Parfum? What are your thoughts about it?

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