How was your valentine’s? Nirvana Natural Bliss Rose water Face mist Hubby and I celebrated in our usual way. We had a candlelit picnic in our backyard. It was lovely.


Roses are usually associated with love or the goddess of love Venus. Roses are a symbol of love. They are used in perfumery. Cleopatra used rose petals in her famous milk baths. Roses are used in ancient cultures and religious ceremonies. Rose flowers and rosewater are used. Rosewater is also used in traditional Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun.

Rose water is made from well rose petals and water. This simple decoction has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Therefore it can be used to calm irritated skin. It also hydrates, heals and maintains the skin’s pH balance.

A rose water facial mist is not an essential part of your skincare routine. If you are on a budget I would rather  spend cash on a serum or spf. But it does add a flair of luxury and comfort to mine.


I was absolutely excited to try this facial mist that was gifted to me.

The packaging is high end. I love the glass bottle. It can be easily reused or recycled. No plastic!

I use it after toning and before applying my serum.

The spray nozzle ensures a fine mist is sprayed out every time. My face does not feel too wet.

I also use it as a setting spray after applying my makeup.

I really enjoy using it as a diluent in my D.I.Y. face masks instead of using tap water.

It keeps my face hydrated and fresh.

Pro tip – Keep it in the fridge to take your experience to the next level.

Rose Water face mist nirvana natural bliss


  1. Vegan.
  2. It is as close to natural as possible.
  3. Locally made in South Africa.
  4. It has multiple uses – toner, mist, setting spray, to mix face masks
  5. Cruelty free – no animal testing.
  6. Suitable for ALL skin types.
  7. Packaged in a glass bottle that I can easily reuse.
  8. Affordable and good quality.

The 50ml bottle is available for R169  online on Nirvana Natural Bliss and 

Do you like using facial mists or sprays?  Which are your favourites?


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