About Me

I am Larissa Seebran. I live with my hubby (of 13 years) in sunny Durban South Africa. I am a qualified pharmacist practising for more than 15 years. WOW! That makes me sound old.

I love coffee and pizza. I would eat pizza everyday if I could. I am still trying to figure out why pizza is made round to fit into a square box and then cut into triangles!

Stay tuned for beauty and lifestyle tips to brighten your face and your day. I am obsessed with skincare and embracing one’s own natural hair. I have a passion for healthy skin. If you look good, you feel good.

Are you looking for younger radiant skin? Do you want to maximise your skincare budget with the most effective products? Then Lady Larissa is for YOU! Join me as I navigate through life’s ups and downs, while trying to look and feel my best.

If you want honest skincare reviews, effective skincare routines and wellness tips you have come to the right place. I live with chronic pain due to endometriosis. I refuse to let this illness define me and restrict me.  I am passionate about finding an art to living well.

If your beauty budget is a blank cheque with no limit then you have come to the wrong place. Only discerning ladies here!

Stop wishing you have great skin and hit subscribe.

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