7 great tips for that post gynae appointment blues

7 great tips for that post gynae appointment blues

Tips to cope after a gynae appointmet. No woman looks forward to a consultation with her gynaecologist. Especially if you are living with endometriosis and pcos. This would mean countless more gynae appointments than the average female. i am living with these two conditions for more than 16 years now. you can read my story here.

Unless you yourself, or if you know someone close to you who is living with these debilitating lifelong illnesses you may think- what is the fuss about? A gynae appointment can’t be that bad? I suggest that you do read along, you never know when you might be able to help a friend, colleague, girlfriend  or sister after her difficult  gynae appointment.

For many women with endo or pcos these appointments may result in a theatre bookings, or treatment that could be expensive or have many side effects.  Apart from the awkward examination, talking about your symptoms and explaining your history can be draining and traumatic – it is difficult to relive past surgeries and treatments. For many women this can be traumatic in more ways than one.

Tension may start building from the week before your gynae appointment If you live with a chronic gynaecological condition. You become nervous. What is the doctor going to say? Will there be a suitable treatment available? How much will it cost? I can’t get my hopes up too much – in finding relief- because in case all treatment options have been exhausted.  You are not being melodramatic! These are all valid concerns. I am here to say that I hear you. I have been through this many times and have therefore decided to compile this list of tips.

gynae consultation


  1. Before your gynae appointment write a list of how far you have come. Having a doctor refresh your memory of every surgery and explain your history is not pleasant. it can bring back all those feelings and make you relive them – leaving you feeling drained and depressed. When you get home after your appointment read this list and know that you shall overcome this(what was discussed during the appointment) too.
  2. Know that you know your body better than any doctor with a specialist degree – no matter how many years experience he/she may have.
  3. Go out for a cup of coffee or a small walk before heading home. Having time to process what was said during the appointment.
  4. Ask your husband, boyfriend or friend to have a shot of whisky ready for you when you get home after your gynae appointment. If you saw a male gynae you deserve another shot! Male gynaes are way more intense. And hello why are we paying them to look at our lady bits? They should be paying us!
  5. Say affirmations. My favorite one for when life is troubled is by Louise L. Hay ‘’’I am safe. All is well.’’ This really helps me get out of a downward spiral of negative thoughts.
  6. Look for alternate therapies to help your condition. If something has worked for you previously maybe try it again. Adjunctive therapies like yoga, pelvic physiotherapy and acupuncture may be worth considering. Remember to discuss natural remedies with your doctor. Not all natural remedies may be safe for you.
  7. Remember you are worthy. You are enough.

We will leave the receptionists for another post

No matter what the outcome of your appointment know that you will be okay. You shall overcome. Have faith that this too shall pass.

Women have been dismissed by doctors for far too long!  They say that the pain is in our head. It’s normal to have a bad period. I am here to say that enough is enough. Let’s take ownership of our health.  Don’t give any doctor power over your health. You know what is best for you. You have a right to make an informed decision and not be strong armed into surgery on a treatment that doesn’t suit you.

I wish I knew these tips earlier.  I hope that you find the following tips helpful and that you are able to bounce back quickly after your gynae appointment.

Do you experience something similar when you visit the gynae? Do you have pcos or endo? Are you left feeling hopeless and disillusioned like me? Please comment. I would love to hear your story.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not meant to speak ill of doctors or gynaecologists. There are many doctors who are doing good work.

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Sanitary Pads: The Shocking effects on your health

Deep Heat Period Patch Hit/miss?

Endometriosis is it a life sentence?















Deep Heat Period Patch Hit/miss?

Deep Heat Period Patch Hit/miss?

Nothing can be quite as comforting to a girl on her period as a hot water bottle and her bed. But very few of us have the luxury of lying cosy in bed on these painful days that haunt us once a month.

Hot water bottles have evolved to microwavable wheat bags and pug-in heat pads and now stick on heat patches.

These patches seem to be the ULTIMATE in convenience and quick relief!

You can’t exactly carry your hot water bottle to work or school. Taking painkillers comes with its own side effects. If this product works it could be the saving grace for a lot of women!

Deep Heat Period Patch box

Pros: convenient, no side effects, drug-free, ambulant, discreet.

Cons: costly

The ultimate question is: DOES IT WORK?


Deep Heat claims that the patch provides deep penetrating heat therapy from muscular and menstrual pain for up to 12 hours.

It is available at most Pharmacy and grocery stores for R55 for 3 patches. That works out to roughly R20 a patch.


As you may already know that I am living with stage 4 endometriosis. Read my journey here.Pain and discomfort is a usual occurrence in my life. I was naturally curious to try this out.

The major question is- does it do what it claims?

I love that it is thin and discreet. It sticks on easily and can be well hidden under clothes.

The patch warms up after 30 minutes of applying it. The level of warmth was soothing, It was not enough to warrant any effective pain relief. i still needed to take my regular painkillers. It was not as warm as I would have liked it to be.

It does work for the stipulated time of 12 hours which is very impressive. The soothing relief lasted for 12 hours. It definitely took the edge away in terms of the strong pain. this helps while you are waiting for the painkillers to work. if you suffer from mild period pain you may not need any painkillers.

The box contains 3 patches. I used and tested all 3 patches on different occasions when I experienced period pain.


About R20 for a single patch is quite expensive. I quite liked the idea of them, which is why I bought them in the first place. I didn’t find them to be particularly beneficial. I actually prefer applying a gel containing an anti-inflammatory eg. diclofenac / ibuprofen.

I suggest that you try this period pain patch if you suffer from mild to moderate period pain. I am quite sure that it will help you. I suffer from very severe period pain and therefore it was not very effective for me.

This will be particularly useful for teenage girls to use while attending school. If you want an alternative to painkillers for younger girls this is it!

While you are here, did you read my post about sanitary pads and the shocking effects it has on your health? Click here. You fill be fascinated.


This post is only a reflection of my experience with the product and does not constitute medical advice. Products will work differently for different people. Pain is subjective and will not be the same for everyone. Please consult a doctor for medical advice.

Have you tried this product? I would love to know your opinion?




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Endometriosis is it a life sentence?

Endometriosis is it a life sentence?

Did you know that March is Endometriosis awareness month.

Endometriosis is a debilitating painful condition that affects one in six women. It is difficult to diagnose and treat. There is no cure.

I am honored and humbled to say that I was featured in 2 articles this month.


Northglen Newspaper article

Woman and Home SA Magazine

Click the link below to read my article that appeared on the online magazine.

click on this.

I will continue to be the voice of many women who are suffering in silence.

If you have any questions on endometriosis please drop me a DM on instagram or email me on lseebran5@gmail.com

Sanitary Pads: The Shocking effects on your health

Sanitary Pads: The Shocking effects on your health

box of ANNA organic sanitary pads

Have you ever stopped to think about what effect your SANITARY PADS have on your body? on your health? They are in contact with the most delicate part of your body for 24 hours a day for minimum 5 days a month.

We all are becoming more aware about what we put IN and ONTO our bodies. As we become more mindful of what we eat, we are also more careful with what we put on our bodies.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. What we apply on it is absorbed and ends up in our bloodstream. It bypasses the liver and kidneys – the waste is not ‘’filtered’’ and we end up with toxins.


Have you ever stopped to think what is in your sanitary pad? Yes we only use them for a few days a month, but over time they can interfere with our reproductive system.

Regular sanitary pads may be convenient and cheap. But the price that you pay for your health is much more severe. They are laden with chemicals to make them super absorbent.  They contain plastics: BPA along with other chemicals and may cause cancer. They are bleached with chlorine to make them sparkling white. They are made from cotton which may have been sprayed with pesticides.Scented pads contain deodorants.

Women’s Voices For Earth tested a popular brand of pads and found it to have the following chemicals: styrene, chloroethane and chloroform.

The unregulated use of chemicals in female care products has been associated with increased risk of cancer, increased reproductive problems and more hormonal imbalances.


Menstrual cup: They are flexible silicone cups that are inserted into the vagina. It needs to be emptied every 12 hours. Personally, I feel that this is not the best option for me.

Washable Cloth Pads: (SUBZ PADS) They are made from fabric and have a waterproof lining. They can be rewashed and used again and again. They are made from non treated cotton, with wings that clip over your underwear.

Organic Cotton: They are comfortable to use, They do not contain plastic, fragrance and dyes.

PRODUCT REVIEWbox of ANNA Pure organic sanitary pads

Anna Pure Organic is a proudly South African company that produces Maxi pads and Panty Liners. They are committed to  providing women with an alternative to plastic sanitary products. I found the pads very breathable and comfortable so much so that I even forget that I am wearing them! They are fairly absorbent

***Previously I used to pay R80 for a pack of organic pads from health shops and Faithful to nature I am so excited and relieved that they can now be found bought for less than R25.

They are widely available at Dischem, Checkers, PicknPay and Spar.

organic sanitary pad


What exactly are in our sanitary pads? It is a toxic cocktail of substances put together to make us feel ‘’fresher’’ and it is in contact with the most delicate part of our bodies. The vaginal lining has the thinnest layer of skin that can easily absorb elements that are in close contact to it.

I haven’t even touched on the environmental aspect of sanitary pads. I do believe that that is a topic for another day.

Please SHARE this article with all the special women in your life. At this price there really is no reason to buy any other sanitary pad out there.

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